The Beginning of a Long Career

July 16, 2018

As I sit at my work desk, I see the beginning of a career in science. I see my computer where I have spent hours analyzing data. I see several textbooks from my physiology and biochemistry courses. I see a stack of a few dozen journal articles. And finally I see graphs of my data taped to my wall. When I began working in Dr. Rose’s lab, I had no such collection. But even more endearing is that all of these items will continue to grow- I will analyze more data, take more classes, read more journal articles and produce more results. And hopefully, I will be a part of that knowledge- to have my name on a publication or in a textbook. It’s all reminder to the constant march of science, and the ever expanding pool of knowledge. And I look forward to it all.


As the summer and INBRE program come to a close, I have been spending more of my time writing than before. Writing in preparation for my poster at the INBRE program. This poster will be a first of many things for me. My first poster, my first data, my first opportunity to discuss that data with other scientists. It doesn’t make me nervous- but excited. It’s a chance to test the entirety of my knowledge, and to, even more importantly, discover the gaps in my knowledge. Every mistake I make will be a lesson to myself, showing me where I need to review the literature. I am positive that it will be an educational and exciting week at the INBRE conference!

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