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June 15, 2018


This INBRE program has been incredible so far! Dr. Jared Barrott and I have been working to learn more about ARID1A, a protein thought to increase cancer proliferation rates in osteosarcoma cells. Using CRISPR gene editing, we are able to inhibit this protein and monitor the effects. In order to use CRISPR, we must grow bacteria that has a plasmid containing the genetic code for Cas9, a dsDNA restriction endonuclease, and insert it into various cancer via micelle packaging. The Cas9 plasmid will use the organelles within the cancer cells to produce and manufacture this protein. We will also insert guide RNAs (gRNA) that will position the Cas9 directly and specifically on the ARID1A encoding segment to remove it.


Four weeks ago, I wouldn’t have been able to explain any of what has already been mentioned. I have learned a vast amount about research and lab techniques and continue to learn more each day. Furthermore, as I pursue the field of medicine, I feel I am greatly preparing to work by expanding my knowledge about genetics, physiology, and biochemical relations. I am looking forward to the discoveries we are seeking to make!

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