Crash Course in Research

June 15, 2018

It is the fourth week of the Summer 2018 INBRE program and let me tell you, there is more that goes on in scientific research than just experiments and data analysis. While being a part of this program, I am not only gaining an immense amount of practice running gels and analyzing the results, but also learning about the technical side that goes on behind the scenes -- such as hazardous waste disposal, animal experimentation, funding and writing grants...the list goes on. Although overwhelming at times, I greatly appreciate the influx of information as I am becoming aware of all the ins and outs of the research world.


My specific INBRE project involves working with a particularly picky protease in Dr. Evilia’s Center for Extreme Biochemistry. The little guy (the protease) is forcing me to think outside the box as well as recall all kinds of biochemical principles. I am getting to see first hand that research does not always go as planned and you do not always receive your expected results. However, this is proving to be beneficial for me because I am getting the opportunity to be immersed in scientific literature and manipulating different techniques in hopes of gaining ground. Despite the lag in protein behavior, I am thoroughly enjoying my time in lab as well as learning from and having fun with the other students that work there.


Outside of the research project, I am getting to know other future scientists through the weekly meetings and activities INBRE puts on for us. I was fortunate to already know a majority of the students in the program and have had a good time getting to know the others. I am hoping that we can all learn from and motivate one another throughout the rest of the summer. I am super excited to see how all of their research turns out and to present my findings at the 2018 Idaho INBRE Statewide Research Conference at the end of the summer.


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