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June 29, 2017

Over the last few weeks, research has been mostly consistent. We have switched focus from modeling to researching the literature and ordering all the necessary reagents for some bench chemistry. There have been a myriad of wonderful people who have helped train my lab mates and me on a variety of machines so we can jump into data collection.


In these last few weeks, it has occurred to me how generous the community surrounding and inside ISU really is. People like Dr. Anderson inspire me to be more involved, more giving, and more inspirational. People like Cordelia and Kole remind me that an education is about much more than classes and that my perspective is only one in a world of so many. People like my lab advisors are going out of their way to work with little or no compensation besides the feeling of helping a student advance themselves. People like the fellows who take time out of their schedule to give critiques to their peers without any real benefit to themselves. People like my lab mate who keeps her head up and has a positive outlook in the face of long hours and arduous tasks. People like Dr. Van der Schyf remind me that life is about being curious and striving for my goals, regardless of how far off they may seem. These little reminders are a constant source of light in my life and encourage me to strive to be that much better or stay late to finish a project.


I am also forever grateful for the fact that ISU is a small school. Campus is laid out such that my lab mates and I can walk to get coffee in the morning and eat lunch on the grass without any trouble. A jaunt to the library is not a long endeavor. There are always parking spaces, even when the wrestling tournament is in town. There is always someone I know nearby in case I need a hand. My research advisors are not busy with dozens of students, but can instead focus on the four of us currently. The warm weather around here has only made it more tempting to be outside, and luckily, campus is small enough for me to be able to walk between the two buildings I need to be in without taking a bus. Thank goodness for the beautiful weather and the campus!

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