Fundamental Foundations for Lab Work

June 12, 2017

The 2017 INBRE program is bridging the gap for me between being a high school graduate to becoming a college freshman in the fall. Although working in a research lab right out of high school can be a bit daunting, I have a lot of support from my mentor and peers as I explore this incredible and unique opportunity. Many of the other students in the INBRE program come from various fields of science and have been working in this kind of environment for a while, and I’m excited to learn from their examples and from the projects they are working on.


 =The INBRE program began at Idaho State University a few days before I graduated from high school. I was able to take the time off from school to be there at the start. It was great, and I developed an enthusiasm to begin the program. I couldn’t wait to graduate and after receiving my diploma, I wanted to become involved as soon as possible. Since then, I have been working through training online and will start training in the lab very soon. After that, I’m excited to be conducting experiments in Dr. Michele Brumley’s lab, which is in the Psychology Department. She and I have mapped out a plan for my research project that will take place over the course of the summer.


I have met the other students I will be working with in the lab and have felt an instant comradery in having similar goals, interests, and work ethic. These individuals have spent a lot of time and hard work learning and completing the same techniques I will be using, and I look forward to learning from their experience.


We are also reading The Developing Genome: An Introduction to Behavioral Epigenetics by David S. Moore in Dr. Brumley’s lab this summer. It discusses brand-new research in epigenetics and lays forth the view that we develop not only because of the genes we have but in the environment, they are in. In reading the first five chapters, I have found it to be interesting and insightful to the work we will be doing in the lab and I enjoy the weekly meetings to discuss what we have learned from our readings.

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