Summer Time: An Opportunity to Learn More

June 8, 2017

This summer has been good so far and as the weather is getting warmer, I feel more motivated to go outside and explore. I haven’t been anyplace too fancy (mainly trails around the area), but I hope to go to the ice caves soon. I find it interesting however that all school year most people, myself included, have plans of what they are going to do when school gets out and summer starts. More often than not, however, things don’t go as expected. People end up being bored for a good chunk of their summer and instead want to return to school.


I find this dilemma quite interesting as I have been in this positions more times than I would like to admit. Because of this I think it is very important to not only plan your summer well be also make it an effort to enjoy it and relax, work (not too much), sleep (a lot),  and play as much as you can. I think it is important to find a hobby that you are passionate about and pursue it wholeheartedly. I guess what I am really trying to say is: use summer wisely, keep yourself busy, motivated, and optimistic.


How I plan to take my own advice is by taking INBRE as an opportunity to learn new things and make the program my main focus this summer.  INBRE is one thing that is keeping me very busy. My research in the program is interesting and wanting to know the results keeps me motivated. I have decided to use my time outside of INBRE to explore and try new things that could potentially become new hobbies which keeps me optimistic.


I am sure that there are going to be some times during the summer that I become bored and don’t know what to do but I hope that I am able to reassess my actions and get back on track. I don’t think you’re supposed to miss school a whole lot when you are given the ripe opportunity to take a break from it! Use your summer time wisely and regret absolutely nothing!

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