Since 1999, ISU's INBRE program has:

  • Spent over $1M for biomedical research infrastructure augmentation, upgrades, and maintenance 

  • Directly supported biomedical research through the ISU INBRE seed grant program

  • Provided sponsorship for symposia, seminars, and workshops, travel funds in support of biomedical research, publication costs for biomedical research reports, and other fundamental assistance in support of the biomedical research interprise at ISU

  • Provided bioinformatics and computing resources in support of biomedical research at ISU

Summer Fellows


Ryann Camp

April Dawson

Tyler Hemphill

Kira Hunter

Ann Jensen

Dante Kyne-Rucker

Anika Lovgren

Dayne Lubenow

Bianca Montoya

Kaci Pickett

Matt Seaman

Savannah Spradlin

Derek Viall


Erika Blay, an ISU student, working with Drs. Kathleen Lohse and Pete Sheridan (Biology)
Jordan Broadway, an ISU student, working with Dr. James Groome (Biology)
Jennifer Hambleton, an ISU student, working with Dr. Nicole Aubuchon-Endsley (Psychology)
Bomina Park, an ISU student, working with Dr. Ken Rodnick (Biology)
Sora Matsunaga, an ISU student, working with Drs. Curt Anderson & Mike Thomas (Biology)
Heather Siegel, an ISU student, working with Dr. Pete Sheridan (Biology)
Paxton Stein, an ISU student, working with Dr. Jason Pilarski (Biology)
Anna-Lee Policicchio, an ISU student, working with Drs. Mark Austin & Mike Thomas (Biology)
Savannah Spradlin, an ISU student, working with Dr. James Groome (Biology)
Demsie Butler, a LCSC student, working with Dr. Caryn Evilia (Chemistry)



Douglas Walker, an ISU student, mentored by Drs. Josh Pak and Jean Pfau (Biology & Chemistry)

Ashley Van Orden, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Caryn Evilia (Chemistry)

Bomina Park, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Ken Rodnick (Biology)

Forrest Quick, an ISU student, mentored by Drs. Jason Pilarski, Vern Winston, and Marc Benson (Biology)

Peter Ferrero, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Marc Benson (Biology)

Blaine Kempe, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Michele Brumley (Psychology)

Rosemarie Whiting, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Jim Groome (Biology)

Shelby Siddall, an ISU student, mentored by Drs. Mark Austin and Prabha Awale (Biology & BPSci)

Yu Xia, a University of Montana student, mentored by Dr. Mike Thomas (Biology)

Kara Bonham, a University of Nevada student, mentored by Dr. Chris Cretekos (Biology)



Michael Vincen-Brown, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Jason Pilarski (Biology)

Chaofang Tan, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Marc Benson (Biology)

— Ms. Tan was winner of the 2013 statewide research competition!

Kayla Brawley, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Todd Davis (Chemistry)
Emilee Brown, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Chris Cretekos (Biology)
Tiffany Smith, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Curt Anderson (Biology)
Eric Trejo, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Caryn Evilia (Chemistry)
Douglas Walker, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Josh Pak (Chemistry)
Jillian Butticci, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Jim Groome (Biology)
Ashley Van Orden, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Michele Brumley (Psychology)
Rebecca Hall, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Mark Austin (Biology)



Steven Boomhower, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Erin Rasmussen (Psychology)

Kayla Brawley, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Todd Davis working on biomedical research project (Chemistry) 

Jacob Brugger, a BYU-I student, mentored by Dr. Curt Anderson (Biology) 

Tiffany Doherty, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Michele Brumley (Psychology)

Michael Haldorson, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Jack Rose (Biology)

Hunter Lewis, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. James Groome (Biology)

Cecilia Pena, a Northwest Nazarene University student, mentored by Dr. Jean Pfau (Biology)

Bryce Rhodehouse, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Shawn Bearden currently in D.O. School at De Moines University, Iowa (Biology)

Cynthia Tang, a College of Idaho student, mentored by Dr. Chris Cretekos (Biology)

Eric Trejo, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Caryn Evilia (Chemistry)

Michael Vincen-Brown, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Jason Pilarski (Biology)

— Mr. Vincen-Brown was winner of the 2012 statewide research competition!

Rachel Yomtob, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Shawn Bearden (Biology)

Yao Zhang, an ISU student, mentored by Dr. Alok Bhushan (BPSci)

Emilee Brown (ISU), mentored by Chris Cretekos is currently doing a independent study for a project (Biology)



Boomhower, Steven (ISU), mentored by Dr. Erin Rasmussen (Psychology)

Gibby, Blaine (CSI), mentored by Dr. Shawn Bearden (Biology)

Monson, Andrew (BYUI), mentored by Dr. Alok Bhushan (BPSci)

Nathan, Sarah Ruth (ISU), mentored by Dr. Byron Bennett (CHEM)

Roberts, Jessica (ISU), mentored by Dr. Jim Groome (Biology)

Olvanenson, Hans (BYUI), mentored by Curt Anderson



Christensen, Brian (BYUI), mentored by Dr. Chris Downing (BPSci)

Murri, Jason (BYUI), mentored by Dr. Chris Daniels (BPSci)

Reynolds, Jason (ISU), mentored by Dr. Shawn Bearden (Biology)

Vineyard, Mary Ann (ISU), mentored by Dr. Michele Brumley (Psychology)

Wiley, Wendy (ISU), mentored by Dr. Alok Bhushan (BPSci)

Riticka Sharma (ISU), mentored by Alok Bhushan (BPSci)



Chadwick, Charlotte (UI), mentored by Dr. Dan Selvage (BPSci)

Davis, Benjamin (BSU), mentored by Dr. Chris Cretekos (Biology)

Eckman (ISU), mentored by Dr. Pete Sheridan (Biology)

Malamakal, Roy (ISU), mentored by Dr. Todd Davis (Chemistry)

Marcum (ISU), mentored by Dr. Sophie St. Hilaire (Biology)

Burrier, Travis (ISU), mentored by Soloman Leung (Engineering)

Patterson, Ryan (ISU), mentored by Caryn Evilia

anticipated graduation in 2014 (Chemistry)

Richard, Darrah (ISU), mentored by Byron Bennet (Chemistry)

Carroll, Andrew (ISU), mentored by Curt Anderson (Biology)


Gower, Jeffrey (ISU), mentored by Dr. Chris Daniels (BPSci)

Wilson, Alex (ISU), mentored by Sophie St. Hilarie (Biology) 

Reynolds, Jason (ISU), mentored by Shawn Bearded, getting M.S. from the University of 

South Florida and applying to medical schools

Olaveson, Kurt (ISU), mentored by Curt Anderson



Evans, Jessica (ISU), mentored by Dr. Peter Sheridan (Biology)

Lai, Maria (ISU), mentored by Dr. Alok Bhushan (BPSci)

Nielsen, Tanner (BYUI), mentored by Dr. Erin Rasmussen (Psychology)

Reilly, William (ISU), mentored by Dr. Leslie Devaud (BPSci)

Dr.Maria Lai (ISU), mentored by Alok Bhushan




Aduke, Ratimo (ISU), mentored by Dr. Erin Rasmussen (Psychology)

Clark, Donna S. (UI), mentored by Dr. Chris Daniels (BPSci)

Edgley, Kristina L. (ISU), mentored by Dr. Jim Lai (BPSci)

Holsten, Richard (ISU), mentored by Dr. Dan Selvage (BPSci)

Rhodes, Tony (ISU), mentored by Dr. Shawn Bearden (Biology)

Roberge, Darrell (ISU), mentored by Dr. Jim Groome (Biology)

Thorne, John (ISU), mentored by Dr. Peter Sheridan (Biology)

Vanderbeek, Christopher (BYUI), mentored by Dr. Gary Ten Eyck (Biology)

Koirala, Bikul (ISU), mentored by Leslie Devaud and is currently the Sr. Research Associate at OPX Bio. Technologies (BPSci)

Clark, Donna (UI), mentored by Chris Daniels

Edgley, Krisina (ISU), mentored by Jim Lai

Thomas, Mark (ISU), mentored by Chris Daniels (BPSci)

Pitcher, Matthew (ISU), mentored by Alok Bhushan (BPSci)

Schaefer, Nate (BYUI), mentored by Chris Daniels

Holsten, Richard (ISU), mentored by Dan Selvage



Baergen, Emily (ISU), mentored by Dr. Erin Rasmussen (Psychology)

Brown, Jacqueline (ISU), mentored by Dr. Alok Bhushan, completed PharmD program (BPSci)

Coonts, Allyson (CofI), mentored by Dr. Jim Groome (Biology)

Ebrahimpour, Jeremy (ISU), mentored by Dr. Chris Daniels (BPSci)

Ebrahimpour, Jason (ISU), mentored by Dr. Jim Lai (BPSci)

Betre, Tsedey-Kassaye (ISU), mentored by Dr. Leslie Devaud (BPSci)

Pearce, Sandra (BYUI), mentored by Dr. Chris Daniels (BPSci)

Tibbitts, Jacob (ISU), mentored by Dr. Malcolm Shields (Biology)

Wahlen, Bradley (ISU), mentored by Dr. Malcolm Shields (Biology)

Waltz, Micah (ISU), mentored by Dr. Curt Anderson (Biology)



Hugus, Jeremy (NNU), mentored by Dr. Jim Lai (BPSci)

Hutchinson, Janine (ISU), mentored by Dr. Malcolm Shields (Biology)

Jarolimek, Jamie (ISU), mentored by Dr. Peter Sheridan (Biology)

Kidd, Tami (BYUI), mentored by Dr. Leslie Devaud (BPSci)

Larson, Erica (BYUI), mentored by Dr. Larry Farrell (Biology)

Satterfield, Rosanna (UI), mentored by Dr. Chris Daniels (BPSci)

Shephard, Sarah (ISU), mentored by Dr. Chris Daniels (BPSci)



Sarameh, Asem (ISU), mentored by Abeboye Adejare (BPSci)

Kunz, Ashley (ISU), mentored by Curt Anderson (BPSci)

Wynne, Brad (BYUI), mentored by Leslie Devaud (BPSci)

Blake, Jessica (ISU), mentored by Alok Bhushan (BPSci)

Adams, Jordon (ISU), mentored by Jim Lai (BPSci)

Richie, Madeline (ISU), mentored by Leslie Devaud (BPSci)

Luedeman, Michael (ISU) mentored by Cindy Wilson (BPSci)

Rajbhandari, Presha (ISU) mentored by Jim Lai (BPSci) 



Beck, Tiffany, mentored by Dr. Chris Daniels (BPSci)

Leighton, M. Emily, mentored by Dr. Peter Sheridan (Biology)

Green, Jeremy B., mentored by Dr. Rick Williams (Biology)

Maughn, Benjamin, mentored by Dr. Alok Bhushan (BPSci)

Behrend, Kathleen, mentored by Dr. Leslie Devaud (BPSci)

Lee, Martin J., mentored by Dr. Curtis W. Anderson (Biology)

Borchert, Sherry, mentored by Dr. Nandita Das (BPSci)

McCracken, William, mentored by Dr. Cindy Wilson (BPSci)

Franco, Yvonne, mentored by Dr. Chris Daniels (BPSci)

Spoonhunter, Harmony D., mentored by Dr. Joe Cook (Biology)

Orme, Aaron, mentored by Dr. Joe Cook (Biology)

Keller, Jay (ISU) mentored by Leslie Davaud M.S. Pharmacology (BPSci)

Hugus, Jeremy (NNU) mentored by Jim Lai (BPSci)

Dean, Linda ISU mentored by Alok Bhushan, completed PharmD (BPSci)

Roberts, Savannah (ISU) mentored by Chris Daniels Assistant Developmental Research Chemist


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